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Athex Temporary Ref by flashingredfangs Athex Temporary Ref by flashingredfangs
my babeeeeeee <3
she is DESPERATELY in need of a new refrence and i unable to make a proper one for her at present, since she is still in 'development' (shhh, no spoilers) she has certain features and traits and that will be added to her, i just dont have the motivation to design them at present. long story short this is a TEMPORARY refrence for her for people to use, namely comissions and information and this WILL change.

while not me, athex represents significant, allbut overezagerted aspects of my own personality and she has been with me through a lot, becuase of this she is very important to me, she is my baby, my child. 



Name: Athex (pronounced a-tex, h is silent)

Nickname (s) : none  

Gender: female

Species: believed to be human

Age: 16 (physically dosent age)


Zodiac sign: N/A

Abilities: Create and control fire,

 rapid regenative abilities, able to heal other’s,.

Weapon(s): unnamed sword

Height: 5’4 (170cm), 62kgs

Body type: average, healthy body. Small bust, gets very irrated when this is mentioned. Large hips, athletic and quite agile, yet not muscular despite extensive training.


Personality: Hard and cold on the outside but kind and sweet on the inside. She hides most, if not all, of her true emotions and rarely, if ever, lets people in. Dubbed “the harsh captain of the north”, she can seem very harsh and emotionless, but if she believes in something then she is all about emotion. She’s passive agressive af, but her agression is mostly a defence mechanism. Fierce, Stubborn, determined, brave, Headstrong and impulsive, she follows her heart before her head and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She rarely smiles, but when she does it’s genuine. She’s quite explosive, not to mention agressive, short tempered AND hotheaded, and in truth is quite emotional.


She’s very tomboyish in personality, rebellious and cocky, and tends to use her fists first ask question’s later. She’s solitary but idpendant and distances herself as she dosent know how to accept help or a compliment :3. however she is very unforgiving, has trust isues,abondoment issues, and is littered with insequirities. Despite all of this, deep down she cares deeply for those she consideres as friends and hidden under her cold exterior she is kind, caring, intensely loyal, and selfless.


Likes: rain, cold, hoodies, animals, sleep, helping others where she can, the view of the city at night, dusk/night, travel, being comfortable.

Dislikes: heat, spicy food, showing her true emotions, death, people piting her. Being teased about her height / bust, excessive casulaties, excessive crueality, murderers and the like


Relationship’s: unknown, believed to have no biological relations.


Some history: i won’t write too much here since it’s full of spoiler’s but

Athex was born on the street’s, and basically raised herself, she learnt early that she had to either learn fast or die. Due to her accelerated aging, her early childhood is basically a blur and her aging slowed when she was about ten, and she did what she had to to survive.


when she was thirteen shit hit the fan and left her scarred for life, Things a thirteen year-old should never have to see. With no real purpose she wandered aimlessly before being recruited into the SSA. Here she quickly excelled, due to extensive training, and quickly climbed through the ranks, earning herself the rank of captain, and making her the youngest captain ever at 14.


Other facts:

- major potty-mouth, she can get pretty vulgur at times

- very tsundere

- has a pet german sheppard/ chimera named  Hiro 

- often wears a red ribbion which is pretty important to her, the reason why will be explained more in her story.

- skilled in both close combat and hand-to-hand combat as she has had extensive training in both these units, as well as informal assassian training. She prefers to use her hands or a weapon over her powers and she’ll usually only use them as a last result.

- while not immortal, athex can’t die. Due to her regenative abilities her wounds heal almost instantly, however, deep wounds take much longer to heal, and if they are bad she wil go into a kind of comatose state. .

- friendly around kids, and very sensitive to them.

- serious anger issues

- bright lights throw off her aim and she can hear frequencies other’s cant like a dog. Also has unnaturally keen eyesight, and a high pain tolerance

-Favourite colour is red (like you’re innards :3)

- athex can summon several familars or ‘protector / guardian’ spirits to assist her. Sentoki is one of these

- although she dosent actually have a last name she often uses the surname sinclair, this is shared by north

- she’s a night owl, and does most of her best work at night.

-i am still developing her species, but for now, all you need to know is she is a being comprised entirely of pure light/ energy/essence but somehow still maintains a human form and concious. And is one of the last remaining members of her dying species, making her immensly powerful.

- athex and north currently live in a world called orbin, which is where there storyline takes place. All other character relating to there stories also live in orbin


Songs that futher reflect her personality:

Uncontainable - set it off

Unstable- chaotica

Throne- bring me the horizion

I’d rather drown - set it off

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December 6, 2016
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