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Calico Refrence 2016 by flashingredfangs Calico Refrence 2016 by flashingredfangs

Name: Calico (cal-ic-co)

Nickname (s) : “ash”, “cal”

Gender: Female

Species: Northern sergal mix

DOB: 13- july

Zodiac sign:


Body type: average for that of a sergal, but a bit taller with smaller ears


Personality: while genuinly calm and relaxed do no confuse her passiveness for weakness, like all sergals she will fight ferociously for what she believes in. When it comes to personal / family matters she is fiercly loyal and puts her family before everything else. Agressive when angered, she is the type of girl to let things build up inside of her intill she eventually snaps and all hell breaks loose. Believe me, you do NOT want to see her angry. If pushed far enough. She is very creative and artistic and loves to create/ collect jewelery, which she also sells. most of her creative nature and stems from her love of blacksmithing, and she puts her heart and soul into every piece. Others have caught onto her pasionate nature as her weapons / armour have become some of the most sought after in gold ring, and she readily supplies them to the north. Sort of interverted and spends most of her time alone or her hobbies.



Likes: blacksmithing, food, singing and dancing, cool, rainy/stormy nights, jewelery, the ocean/coast, shells, making jewelery, direct heat, like that of an open forge, crystal/ gems/ polished rocks, collecting things she likes, family & friends, feathers, beads, broken glass & pebbles.


Dislikes: ignorant people, people who underestimate her, salty food, sudden loud noises, excessively sweet things, “cute” things, scammers/ con artists, murders/ thieves, mooches, hustlers,


Other facts:

- has a twin sister named amir

- calico’s father before her was a blacksmith , and introduced calico to the craft at a younge age, where she fell in love with it, and eventually took over the family buisness

- calico is a blacksmith living in gold ring,

- it has taken a lot of work, but over the years her weapons have become some of the most sought after in gold ring, they are some of the finest you will find and and she readily supplies them to the north.

- she actually has burns scars over her body from working with fire and other hot materials but most are hidden

- she likes to make armour but hates wearing it, she has no use for it and feels as though it is useless.

- foodie. She loves good food, her favourites are fish and pasta/rice.

- she has perminate soot/ash stains on her multiple parts of her fur, especially her face

- forked her own tounge for fashion, also pierced her ears but she dosent always wear earings.

- a talented silversmith, calico’s second love is craft/ jewelery. She also sells misc stuff that she makes/ buys/ finds

- enjoys carving bone/ things from bone. Also likes bone jewelery

- secretly has a strong love for neverian fashion. She loves jewelerly, feathers, beads, ceremonal sergal jewelery, jewels/gems/gemstones/ crystals/shiny things, shells/ interesting shaped shells, polished/smooth/interesting shaped stones/rocks, broken glass and pebbles. She enjoys her collecing hobby and readily collects these in her spare time.

- nicknamed “ash” and “cal” but pefers calico, hates being called “cal”. Nicknamed ash becuase of the stains on her fur

- she also enjoys singing/ dancing and you will often find her in local inns. Other sergals seem to like her voice

- LOVES spears.

- her gauntlets have been passed down through her family for generation



History: calico and her sister amir where born to a pair of arosticatatic sergals living in gold ring. Growing up in gold ring calico had a pretty easy life, but somehow didnt end up a spoiled brat. Her father eventually left the arostricatic life for his first love of blacksmithing. His family had owned a small shop in gold ring for generations. when she was a child calico chose to live with her father and soon inhertied his love of blacksmithing, where she eventually took over the family buisness. She and amir grew apart and one day she found out that amir had left for the north, pleding her allegience to the army, and calico never saw her again. Amir will occassionally write to her sister but it is rare to get a letter, as amir has servered her ties with everyone but her sister.

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December 2, 2016
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