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Cicerio Refrence 2017 by flashingredfangs Cicerio Refrence 2017 by flashingredfangs

my smol, shy child, please love him. pose is refrenced from xbloodshadow becuase they are a GOD when it comes to poses

: Cicerio (sis-er-ro)

Nickname (s): None

Gender: Male

Species: wolfdog


Zodiac sign: N/A

Height: 5’8 in human form

Body type: Average, on the lean side


Personality: shy and reserved. For the most part cicerio is calm, relaxed and quiet, and only talks if he finds it nessacary, despite the fact that he is fairly opinionated.

If he’s with his friend he will strike up a conversation but preffers the company of his thoughts. Kind, mature, soft-spoken and courageous he is a gentle giant and secretly a total sweetheart. He can be very friendly and playful if in a good mood and remains loyal to the end. However he can come off anxious, easily flustered and fidgety due to his anxiety. he's actually quite cowardly and Although he dosent try to be he is often anti-social and unintentally distances himself from others, preffering to keep to himself. Cicerio is easily embrassed, intellegant and level-headed, typically able to remain calm even in the most stressfull of situations. Cicerio is neat, and prefers to be in a clean enviroment.


Likes: Clean, well decorated envroments, adventuring, being alone, warm, quiet, crime/mystery/cop shows,

Dislikes: crowds, darkness, excessive dust, bugs, humidity, foods/ drinks wih a strong aftertaste, fish, cockroaches, strong smells, green & yellow


Other facts:

-mild claustrophobia

-afraid of crowds & bugs, ESPECIALLY COCKAROACHES

- will panic if he sees a cockroach, legit, he will scream and cry.

- he was originally possessed by an inner demon called mortimer that forceabily took control of him from time to time and he could manipulate shadows, but i’ve changed that.

- actully an art buff

- secretly want to be a police officer

- suffers from panic and anxiety attacks

- he and loki did NOT get along at first, but they learned to live with each other, and slowly became friends

- pacificist

- no cooking ablility whatsoever, he can burn water

- favourite colour is purple


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