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Nanabe Refrence 2016 by flashingredfangs Nanabe Refrence 2016 by flashingredfangs

Name: Nanabe

Nickname (s) : bee, buzz, buzzy (only reffered to as by tenebris)

Gender: Female

Species: Timber wolf


Zodiac sign: N/A

Height: N/A

Body type: average


Personality: family orientated and loyal. She can be very friendly and easy going at times, especially if she’s in a good mood, but if not she will be the biggest, meanist, nastiest girl you’ve ever met. She’s a lot smarter then others give her credit for and she acts the fool to keep others off her case. Typically quiet & laid back but Blunt & skittish and scares easily. She’s naturally wary of other guys, and untrusting of pretty much everyone except for tenebris. Who is the only one she genuinely trusts.


Likes: Honey, berries, Water, quiet, naps, the sound of crickets at nightfall, summer storms, cool, new & full moons, caves and gems, nature & almost everything about it


Dislikes: people messing with her or her friends, sour food, negativite relationships, annoying pups, loud noises/raised voices, flies/mosquitos.



Tenebris (cousin), summer (auntie), Aerin (uncle), multiple siblings but the rest of her family are not going to be developed.


History: never knew her father and he is presumed dead, her mother went missing when she was still just a pup and she was taken in by her uncle who rasied her as his own. She and her cousin tenebris grew up as best friends. When she was in her early teens, she fell for someone and they began seeing each other. However due to how young she was she wasn’t able to recgonise the signs of an abusive relationship and before long she wasn’t able to leave the den due to fear, where her scars were inflicted. Seeing what this was doing to her tenbris encouraged her to leave for a new pack and after a year years of wandering they were accepteded into one.


Other facts:

- has suffered from an abusive relationship during a time of her life, causing her scars, but this is still being deveoped.

- originally had an abusive relationship with her father,who was the reason behind her scars. But as she developed this changed

- she and tenebris see each other as siblings apposed to cousins and tenbris is closer with her then his own siblings

- flinches frequently for apparenly no reason.

- she was named after nanaba from shingeki no kyojin.

- one of 8 pups, yet knows none of her siblings. Her mother had an HUGE litter.

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December 3, 2016
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